Ahyas Siss

Associate Professor II UFRRJ – Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. Is Post-PhD in Social Anthropology from the Museu Nacional / UFRJ. Graduated (BA and degree) in Social Sciences from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, a Masters in Sociology by the University Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro – IUPERJ – and doctorate in Education from the Federal Fluminense University (2001). He was Deputy Director of the Multidisciplinary Institute – Campus UFRRJ in Nova Iguaçu (11 / 2006-05 / 2009). It has experience in the areas of social anthropology, sociology and education working primarily in the following areas: anthropology of Afro-Brazilian populations, affirmative action and higher education, education of ethnic-racial relations, teacher training and Law 10639/2003. It was the GT Coordinator 21 Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations ANPEd the periods 2006-2007 and 2008-2009. Member of the Scientific Committee of the National Association (2010/2012). It is leader GPESURER – Research Group Higher Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations, a member of LEAFRO – (NEAB) of UFRRJ and Coordinator of OPAAS – Observatory of Affirmative Action Policies on Brazilian Southeast, with publications in the field of Racial-Ethnic Relations and Brazilian Education. He is a professor / researcher PPGEduc – Master and Doctorate in Education, UFRRJ, Research line III – Education and Diversities Ethnic-Racial. Managing Editor of the Electronic Review Repecult – Essays and Researches in Education and Culture (ISSN 2526-2742). (Texto informado pelo autor)

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